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About Wrapped in Gratitude

The wrapped in gratitude STory

Finding Thanks

I am Kim, a small town girl who grew up in Schoolcraft Michigan and graduated from Western Michigan University.  I moved away from Western Michigan for about 15 years and when I returned, I had stacks of sketchbooks filled with my big dreams, the blueprint for Wrapped in Gratitude. I had worked with so many clients that left out the biggest piece of the sales cycle THANKING. I also found times in my own life where I wanted to thank personally, but couldn’t find the right card or gift to show appreciation. So I started creating my own.

After many years as a high school teacher, working in the corporate world and owning my own design business, one night I met my friend Jennifer for dinner. I was unable to hold in my big ideas anymore, finally sharing the whole vision. Jennifer replied, “YOU NEED TO DO THIS, and I am here to help you!” Two years later here it is! After hard work, trial and error, late nights and early mornings, family and friends cheerleading- I took the leap.  The launch of Wrapped in Gratitude arrived in September of 2018, to help others in gift giving and growing personally and professionally.

Kim has her masters degree in education and her career background is in education, graphic design, product development, art direction, strategic life & business coaching.

A percentage of profit each year will be given back to the community.

Live Simply. Be Kind. GIve Thanks.

Our Why

“Regret Minimization Framework” -Jeff Bezos

In the 1990’s watching Jeff Bezos, Founder of, speaking to Oprah Winfrey, he mentioned he lives his life around one phrase “Regret Minimization Framework.” It means living in a way that you don’t have regrets. It doesn’t mean you don’t fail- but it means you take big leaps- feel the fear, do it anyway and lay the framework for a life that makes you happy. Never having to say “I wish I had.”  

I will not take this new day for granted. I am thankful for the opportunity that I have been given to learn, thank and celebrate every little thing.

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